Md Naeem islam, Sherpur: Different steps have been taken by the district and upazila administration during the outbreak of COVIT-19 in Sherpur. The adopted programs are being implemented in all upazila of the Sherpur district through various means including upazila administration, police department, voluntary organizations, people’s representatives and others.

Sherpurs’ Deputy Commissioner (DC) Anar Kali Mahbub recently told the correspondent in an interview that work was being done in a dignified manner to prevent the spread of COVIT-19. In particular, efforts are being made to prevent the transmission of coronavirus in the district in a consensual manner with the participation of local MPs, police departments, various voluntary organizations, people’s representatives of upazila-district councils, municipalities, union parishads and others of the district.

Publicity and leaflets have been distributed through various means to raise public awareness. Moreover, regular updates on Corona are being given on the DC office’s Facebook page and on their own website. A hotline has been set up in the district administration’s control room to transmit coronavirus information. DC Anar Kali Mahbub said that 312 mobile courts have already been set up, as 731 cases have been filed against them for non-compliance with the lockdown law and above a total Tk 180,000 was fined.

Attempts are being made to keep the people at home by launching an online market in the public interest in lockdown. Combine harvesters have been distributed among the farmers at half subsidized basis in each upazila for the COVID-19 of the farmers to avoid crowds. Moreover, through the use of farmer’s App, rice has been purchased directly from farmers directly at the fixed price by the government. Through this App, vegetables have been bought from the farmers and distributed among the unemployed people at home, he added.

Students across the country face crisis as educational institutions are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the circumstances, students in Sherpur district have good news to be happy. At the initiative of the district administration, online classes have been launched. Channel 46 of Dish Line called ‘Digital Cable Network’ in Sherpur will broadcast online classes from 10:30am to 3:30pm every day.

It was learnt that classes for 5th grader to 10th grader are conducted live every day from 4pm to 7:45 pm via a Facebook ID and a FB group named Online School. The video of these classes is being aired in two phases on Channel 46 the next day. Moreover, these classes are also available on the district administration’s own web portal.

Regular market monitoring is being done to keep the market prices of daily commodities stable. The major vegetable markets have been relocated to safer locations to prevent COVID-19 infection. In particular, the district and upazila administrations are in a tough position to wear masks and maintain social distance.

It may be mentioned that according to the district and upazila health department, samples have been collected from the bodies of 3,456 people from all the upazilas of the district. In the district, COVID-19 has been identified in the bodies of 235 people and 151 people have returned home fully recovered. The health department confirmed the information.

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