Sylhet Representative : Coronavirus positive in one’s body, others in home quarantine. Again, manpower is limited. The health and family welfare center of 5nong-Fatehpur Union in Jaintapur is running with four staff including doctors. Pradeep Kumar Das, a three-time best Deputy Assistant Community Medical Officer, has been providing medical services to patients from that institution for a long time with a reputation.

He is assisted by four staff. But the cruel irony of fate is that even in the midst of this corona virus, leaving the illusion of life, he and his staff were regularly coming to treat different types of patients. In this situation, the health and family welfare center was attacked but the deadly corona virus (Covid-19) was found. Last (June 7), a staff member of the center named Satan Dutt came to Jaintapur Upazila Health Complex for testing with corona symptoms.

Eventually (June 18) his report was found to be corona positive. When this was confirmed, Dr. Pradeep Kumar Das and his three other assistants took shelter at the Jaintapur Health Complex for testing their samples for the safety of the public. After returning from there, they informed the matter to the chairman of Panchnong-Fatehpur Union Abdur Rashid and other dignitaries including Awami League leader Alauddin and left for home quarantine.

In order to take advantage of their simplicity and tarnish their image, a group spreads defamatory and misleading information through social media, spreading rumors that “there is no doctor for three months, the health center is closed.” Meanwhile, quoting locals, it is learned that Pradeep Kumar Das is a doctor who has taken a place in everyone’s mind. As soon as someone fell ill in the local area, he went home for medical treatment as well as medical treatment.

People in the area do not see him as a doctor but as a friend. And being that friend, he never extended a helping hand with free medical treatment. He has no problem with the rich and the poor. Even after all this, an insidious mahal has come out to humiliate him. This has caused a stir in the local area. Already, Dr. Pradeep Kumar Das has been awarded the Best Officer from the Department of Health, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh more than once.

Crest also received the best honor. 2010, then 2011 and last 2019 He is also working in the health sector with a very good reputation by receiving the honorary crest. Irregularities and corruption have always been left behind in the service of patients. He is not as wealthy as other doctors. He returned to his workplace on Tuesday (June 30) at the end of the home quarantine, thinking of patients. In the meanwhile, a selfish group is spreading the word through social media that medical services are not being provided by arranging Jajmiya dramas by hiding the truth.

Locals also said that the old health and family welfare center has been demolished and work on a new building has started. Later, thinking about the health services of the patients, Pradeep Kumar verbally informed Jaintapur Upazila Nirbahi Officer Nahida Parveen and Chairman Abdur Rashid and chose a nearby Animal Resources Office to see the patients. Even that is a dilapidated office. There is no provision for storing medicine or furniture.

There is also an abandoned toilet. Whose stench is spreading around. Later, he sought refuge in Alauddin, the managing committee chairman of Haripur Multipurpose High School and senior vice-president of Jaintapur Upazila Awami League. His medical services are still going on. However, as he did not join the work for fourteen days in the middle, he was harassed through social media.

He did not join the work for three months. Besides, government medicines are being made to disappear. Talking to Abdur Rashid, chairman of Panchnong-Fatehpur Union, he told reporters that it was nothing but a rumor. He then expressed his sorrow and said that Dr. Pradeep was a sincere person. It is not desirable for anyone to spread rumors against him. Moreover, he informed me and went to the home quarantine.

He said it was not in his personal interest. Satnang-ward member Abdul Matin said that one of the mahals had done such thing with provocation. If necessary, the locals will take measures to remedy it. Speaking on the occasion, Alauddin, president of the managing committee of Haripur Multipurpose High School and senior vice-president of Jaintapur Upazila Awami League, said, “Media is the mirror of the nation.

We do not want any people to be humiliated.” At the same time, he urged all journalists to refrain from publishing such ugly news with the help of lies where every human being has self-respect. On the other hand, Juba League Secretary of Panchnong-Fatehpur Union Abdul Khalik said, “The matter has really shocked everyone.” People like Dr. Pradeep can no longer be. Spreading rumors about him means they are making themselves small. Because Pradeep is a very big man.

He requested everyone to refrain from such acts. U / P’s Chhatra League president Rubel Sharif said it was a mere incident. He said that it is the responsibility and duty of everyone to tell the truth. Everyone rejects lies. That is why I strongly condemn it. ‘Talking to Haripur Government Primary School guard Elias, he said, Dr. Pradeep saw the patient in a room of the school. Maybe many people are giving strange rumors without knowing it.

I can say as an idiot that Pradeep is a virtuous person and he never neglected his responsibilities. At that time, he said that the medical was next to me, where he heard that the patient had come and gone without finding him. Talking to Deputy Assistant Community Medical Officer Pradeep Kumar Das on his mobile phone, he said that coronavirus has spread in Bangladesh as well as all over the world. At this time, we are going to provide medical services to the patients at the risk of their lives.

In such a situation, I do not understand why slander is being spread against me and my organization through social media. Besides, the locals can tell me very well how bad and good I really am. “No one but God can tell me how I spent those fourteen days in the home quarantine,” he said. After finishing the home quarantine, I joined the work again. Is it my fault? Even then, you, as a media person, publish the news with good news. I have no objection.

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