Abu Hasan, Nilphamari: For 2020-2021 account year’s Mayor of Nilphamari Municipality announced that 67 corers 85 millions 3 thousands 35 taka is needed.Tuesday 30 June at 11am in Nilphamari Municipality center announced by Mayor and agriculturist Dawan Kamal Ahmed.

Because of Covid-19( corona) virus there was not a lot of people for this, this function was directly seen in cabale television. There was a lot of journalist and the mayor also gave answers of publics called by their mobiles using a hotline number.

After announcing he also discussed about Nilphamari municipalities different program, plan and problems and also answered publics questions answer.Budget revenue income 6 corers 78 million 53 thousand 35 taka and outlay 6 corers 71 millions 92 thousand taka.

Revenue arrogant 6 corers 61 millions 35 taka. Budget development income and outlay has shown 61 corers 8 millions 50 thousand taka. In this time Municipalities Executive Engineer Tarik Reza, Municipalities Socib Mosiur Rahman,Zilla Parisid member Israt Pallabi and a lot of journalist of electronic and print media was present there.

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