Mobile court Fines in Kapasia TK 50 thousand

kapasia(gazipur) correspondent : The leaseholder of Birujli Bazar and  a drug stores in Kapasia of Gazipur has been fined a total of Tk 50,000

 Upazila Nirbahi Officer Ismat Ara,  conducted mobile courts at Kapasia Sadar, Tok Bazar, Amraid and Birujli Bazar on last Sunday afternoon.

At that time, five shops were fined a total of Tk 30,000 for not having a license, keeping expired drugs and drugs not approved by the drug administration and the leaseholder of Bir Ujli Bazar was fined Tk 20,000 for operating the market without following the rules and regulations of the government.

Upazila Nirbahi Officer Ismat Ara said, the fines were imposed for keeping expired drugs, not having a drug license and operating the market without complying with hygiene rules.

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