ACC alleges corruption in Chapainawabganj by giving fake experience to a contractor.

Chapainawabganj  correspondent : The Chapainawabganj District Water Development Board-Paubo’s multi-crore project is not being implemented to prevent river erosion during the monsoon season due to corruption and negligence.

Most of Paubo’s work has been awarded to a contractor with a certificate of fake experience. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has lodged a complaint against Sohail Akbar Khan, a contractor, on June 16, citing a detailed circular on corruption in Chapainawabganj Paubo.

According to the complaint, in the last three years, 90 percent of the work of Chapainawabganj Paubo has been given to an organization called Sajid Enterprise.Paubo officials have resorted to fraudulent certificates of experience in order to hire this preferred contractor.

Complainants say large work requires a certain amount of contracting work experience in the past. In the last three years, Sajid Enterprise has been awarded most of the work of Chapainawabganj Paubo, sometimes under a single license and sometimes under a joint license. The plaintiffs claim that the work experience certificates given to Sajid to carry out his work are fake.

The rule is to properly verify the certificate of experience of the license before selecting the contractor.

But in the case of Sajid Enterprise, the concerned Paubo officials did not do so.According to the complaint, Sajid Enterprise submitted six work experience certificates worth Tk 115 million to Khulna BADC to get a big job at Chapainawabganj Paubo. He gets that job. After finding out about the matter recently, some of the competing contractors contacted Khulna Region BADC.

On June 17, Khulna Region BADC Executive Engineer (Construction) Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan informed in writing that the work experience certificates of Sajid Enterprise at BADC were not correct and no organization by that name had done any work in BADC Khulna Region.

Asked about the allegations, Syed Shahidul Islam, an executive engineer at Chapainawabganj Paubo, said they did not know anything about Sajid’s fake credentials. However, he has recently heard such allegations. Regarding allegations of irregularities in the sale of sand and silt, he said, these assets have been sold through an auction committee.

Qualified through irregularitiesIn the context of giving huge work to Sajid by depriving other contractors, he said, many people come and work with other people’s licenses. Sajid’s big works include joint ventures.

No irregularities were reported. Saiful Islam Raju, owner of Sajid Enterprise, said that he did not work with a fake certificate. He has complied with all the rules. Sand auction has also been given to him through rules.

Complaining contractor Sohail Akbar Khan said that Saiful Islam Raju, owner of Sajid Enterprise, engineers of the Water Development Board and officials of the office would come out if they investigated the involvement in the corruption.

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